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Posted by admin on Aug 15, 2009
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Natural Health Today revolves  around healthy lifestyles and creating a diet and exercise program to lose weight and tone up.  What you need to be asking yourself is, “what is the best program for me”.  It is a very personal decision so you need to consider some of the following points.

You need to set some goals.  In doing this it is important to think of what motivated you to start on the diet in the first place.  If it is a health issue then your doctor can advise you as to what weight target you need to aim for.  It may be just your wish to improve your appearance for a special occasion.  In any event it is necessary to keep records of your progress.  Old school thinking on keeping records during a diet was to weigh yourself regularly.

A more modern approach is to take measurements of your body before you commence and then during the period of your diet to re-visit these measurements on a weekly basis to keep a record of your progress.

Because your program will also include exercise, it may well be that you will replace some fat with muscle and as muscle weighs more than fat your weight may not vary as much as you would hope but you are achieving the effect of reducing your size with your new healthy eating habits and exercise regime.

It is a good idea to share your goals with a friend of family member or even better, partner with someone who also want to diet so you can keep each other on track. There are a lot of diet programs to chose from which you can help you to achieve natural health today and you can research them on the Internet.  A Google search will lead you to a view pages which compare one with the other.  This will help you to make a decision as to which program suits your lifestyle and eating habits the best.

In any event most will include eating fruit and vegetables which provide more nutrients with fewer calories, as well as a regular exercise program which may be only going for a short 30 minute walk each day, not necessarily working out in the gym. Starting a weight lose program or diet program is not difficult but it is hard to stick to it.

Consistency is the most important factor.  When setting your goals they should be realistic with say an easy target of losing approximately a pound a week until you achieve your target weight.  Then to maintain that target weight you can readjust your program accordingly. What we are really talking about here is a healthy lifestyle which reduces the intake of sugar and salt and fat.

The emphasis should be on eating fruit, vegetables and nuts which provide the essential anti-oxidants and vitamins to help your muscles recover from the exercise program that you have chosen. So just to re-cap, to obtain natural health today you must  remember you motivation,  if it is to lose weight for appearance, get rid of all your baggy old clothes and tell yourself that they will not be needed again.

Set a target weight in consultation with your doctor or personal trainer.  Use the tape measure to measure your girth, your chest, your biceps, your arms, your thighs, your calves and all those areas of your body that are affected by excess weight .  Set you Goal and stick to it!

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Thanks for giving such a great advice.By getting into the blog i came to know some diet advice and some useful information on health.Thanks a lot for giving such a information.

November 8th, 2009 | 11:59 pm
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