Is there any kind of Herbal or Natural pain medicine for Diabetic Nerve Pain?

Posted by admin on Mar 11, 2010

My Mom has Diabetic Nerve Pain in her feet due to trauma and slight injury from stepping barefooted on small hard objects. She is a heart patient and a lot of the pain drugs prov en to help stop the pain she is not allowed to take! Are there any natural or herbal treatments that anyone knows of?

Capsaicin puts the heat in hot peppers. It manipulates the body’s pain status by hindering pain perception, triggering the release of pain-relieving endorphins and providing analgesic action. Commercial capsaicin-containing creams such as Zostrix, Heet and Capzasin-P are used topically for arthritic and nerve pain. Creams containing .025 percent capsaicin can significantly reduce osteoarthritic pain when applied to joints four times daily. A higher concentration of .075 percent works best for peripheral nerve pain — such as that from diabetic nerve damage, HIV and pain following cancer surgery. When using topical capsaicin products, be sure to avoid touching your eyes and other sensitive areas.

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I suffer from IBS, can anyone suggest a herbal/ alternative medicine that might help?

Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2010

I suffer quite badly with IBS, i’m fed up of taking medicines that you can buy over the counter and would like to try something more natural. Any ideas?

HOMŒOPATHIC TREATMENT(s) for INDIGESTION (Acid Reflux / Acidity / Gastralgia / IBS) :-

Burning in food pipe with general sensation of burning Sulphur 30X 4 hourly

Burning pain in stomach (Ulcer), with both water and solid vomited as soon as it reaches stomach Ars Alb.30X, 4 hourly

Burning pain in the stomach, with water vomited but solid retained Bismuth 30X, 4 hourly

Burning in food pipe,with sour stool Natrum Carb.30X, 4 hourly

Excess of hydrochloric acid, burning in food pipe, heart burn, nausea and chilly feeling. Acid Sulph.30X, 4 hourly

From nervous anticipation of coming events, desire for sweets. Argentum Nit.30X, 4 hourly

Gastric complaints after taking rich fatty food; less or no thirst; better in open air Pulsatilla.30X, 4 hourly

Hyperacidity; sour and bitter belchings Iris V 30X, 4 hourly

Slow and imperfect digestion; offensive flatuence in upper part of abdomen; better after discharge of gas or eructations. Carbo Veg.30X, 4 hourly

Gastric derangement due to sedentary habits or over-Eating/Drinking. Nux Vomica.30X, 4 hourly

Dyspepsia; better after eating Anacardium Or 30X 4 hourly

Acidity with irritating eructation and frontal headache; worse in night. Robinia 30X, 4 hourly

Constant belching; tongue thickly white coated.
Heatburn. Desire for acids, pickles etc. Antim Crud.30X or 200X, 6 hourly

Digestion slow, no change after passing flatus or belching. Flatulence affects middle part of the abdomen. China 6X or 30X, 4 hourly

Abdomen bloated; easy satiety, gas affects lower part of the abdomen; worse in the evening – 4 to 8 P.M. Lycopodium 30X, 4 hourly

Pain and flatulence in stomach, smell of food causes nausea Colchicum 30X, 4 hourly (3 Doses)

Intercurrent Remedy Psorinum 30X, 4 hourly (3 Doses)

Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and under any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfumes and do not store them in the fridge.
Curing without any side effects or Complications Thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine (Cures Par Excellence)

Take Care and God Bless You !

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RE: the popularity of herbal medicine…?

Posted by admin on Mar 5, 2010

Herbal and homeopathic remedies are growing in popularity – from melatonin to St Johns Wort to Glucosamine. The industry is booming – which leads me to belive that the general public believes that these plants and natural extracts WORK.

Now, consider this…

In hoodoo, voodoo, and other alternative belief systems…..the power of those SAME plants is used to bring about a desired result. Just like in herbal medicine.

Why is it then, that the public is so quick to spend their money on thousands of dollars worth of herbal remedies that they believe will help them, but then in the same breath they denounce those who use those "remedies" – just in a different manner than pills?

In life, we will never be able to please everyone. To some the cup is half full and to others the cup is half empty. I’m one that sees the cup as being half full. Smile…

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what natural medicine is good for acne? i’m in my 30′s and i still have breakouts?

Posted by admin on Mar 2, 2010

i break out on my neck, chest area, my back. i heard it can be hormone imbalance
any good herbal supplement?

drink AT LEAST 8 cups of water every day, and eat right. The grease in greasy foods will not cause you to break out, but the poor nutrition in them will have a negative effect on your skin. Instead of eating french fries, try eating a piece of fruit. Also, vitamins E, C, and Zinc are very good for your skin.

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Will alternative medicine advocates every stop killing people?

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2010

People die each year from beliefs related to non-Western medicine. This involves ridiculous and dogmatic beliefs like homeopathy, vaccine -denial, herbal/natural medicine, ancient chinese medicine, and many others. Will this ever stop? Or will alternative theories to actual science always undermine our advancement as a species?

As the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every minute. As long as some people continue to lack critical thinking skills, and as long as there are charlatans or sadly deluded alt med advocates, alt med will continue to hurt people directly or indirectly.

What you should do is try to warn people about the dangers of listening to miseducated "healers" or take unproven, untested alt med treatments. Even if you can convince or plant a seed of doubt and skepticism in just one person, you’ve done a great thing.

Medical science will continue to advance and has never been held back by alt med. On that you never have to worry.

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Catchy Natural Health Slogan? Ideas please?

Posted by admin on Feb 24, 2010

I started a natural medicine herbal store and am going to make my own tea bags with wrappers on it. I would like to put a catchy creative slogan on it, all i got so far is "make a commitment to a healthier new you"… the name of my business is heavenly cure. so any ideas would be great thank u!

Heavenly cure, we do a business for the healthy body of you.

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Is surgery better or medicine is better choice for nose allergies?

Posted by admin on Feb 21, 2010

I have breathing difficulty as the skin inside my nossiles grown up unwantedley. It is tolerable though but when i want to read or concentrate on something, it irritates me and i cannot put a good effort in analysing.between i have anxiety disorder that adds up the shortness of breathin. I used medicine for some days it helped a bit, but docter said, my sinus is clear but just unwanted skin growth due to allergy is the problem it needs surgery. I saw in many cases even after surgery also people get it again after a year or so. Iam confused to whether go for surgery or keep trying medicine?

Iam thinking of natural herbal medicine, how it would be?

Between, iam using seline nasal drops for relief. Is it completely safe? Any help will be appriciated :)

I’m not a doctor and don’t know all the details of your condition, but from your description the surgery sounds like a good option. To me even a year or so without needing medication would be an improvement. If you are not confident in your doctor’s diagnosis, you could get a 2nd opinion or switch to a different doctor.

I’m not aware of any specific herbal remedies for nasal/sinus problems, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something an expert would know about. The good thing about herbals is there are rarely side effects like there are with some prescription medications.

Saline is completely safe. I have heard of a lot of people where saline irrigation of the sinuses is a major help.

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Does anyone know of a good dropshipper for natural products of all kinds?

Posted by admin on Feb 18, 2010

looking for – natural products of all kinds, herbal medicine, organic, probiotics… pretty much anything along these lines. I’m wanting to put these products on my website.

I have had great responses to this line of products. They are all natural supplements and herbals. I have especially had success with the Genesis product with is a red wine/ pomegranate extract with many other herbals. take a look at what they have to offer.

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looking at getting into acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine?

Posted by admin on Feb 15, 2010

i was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. i have ocd and really don’t want to resort to medication. i’ve been taking natural supplements and have been feeling alot better though

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help relieve stress and anxiety levels that help trigger O.C.D. behaviors.

If your O.C.D. behavior is present enough to disrupt your ability to function in daily norms, you should see a psychologist/counselor in conjunction with Trad. Chinese Medicine therapy.

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Natural,Herbal or Man-Made?

Posted by admin on Feb 12, 2010

What is difference from natural, herbal, and man-made medicines? Which is better? Does it make a difference?

I’m not sure how you’re differentiating between natural and herbal. But it really depends on the condition you’re treating, and if you know what you’re doing.

Personally, I find that using herbs to prevent illness is better than using man-made medicines to treat the illness after it’s here. And the thing is that a lot of the herbs used to season foods are actually quite good for preventing or treating things.

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