Alternate Health Care Approach to ADD/ADHD

Posted by admin on Aug 23, 2009

Alternate Health Care shows that if your child is diagnosed as ADD/ADHD there is no need for you to join the thousands of parents worldwide, who lie awake at night wondering about the future for their affected children.

Help is at hand!

Dr Scott Saunders MD has helped hundreds of families in his 15 years as a medical doctor.  No need to keep scouring the internet for a information as Dr Saunders explains that the answer is not to be found in dangerous drugs which only mask the symptoms.  He provides proven sound advise on how to manage and alleviate the problem by using alternate health care.

On November 12, 2007, a team of American Scientists released the findings of a Multimodal Treatment Study of children with ADHD that showed that while pharmaceutical drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta can work well for a short term, over a 3 year period there was no measurable improvement in a child’s behaviour.  They also found that th drugs could stunt growth.

Unfortunately the publicity machine of the big pharmaceutical companies has educated the world that their drugs are effective with the consequence that some teachers insist that hyperactive children receive this type of treatment if they are to remain at school.  It is understandable that the teachers resent the disruption that a hyperactive child presents but they fail to recognise that the ADND child is thinking a lot faster than other children therefore gets bored easily which is demonstrated by their fractious behaviour.

Why risk subjecting your children to a lifetime of chemical dependency?

Investigate Dr Saunders natural methods of alternate health care which involve a balanced diet of the right foods and supplements that really work.  Combine this with a simple exercise program, preferably involving a sport which will burn off the extra energy and help them gain the laser like focus need to be successful in whatever they are doing.

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I have health insurance with United Health Care. Also, added my wife as dependent.?

Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2010

My Question : We have an Aunt who is our relative but a very close dear Aunt. She doesnt have an health insurance and doesnt have a job either. Is it possible to add her in my plan ? Is there such an option or do you know an alternate option ?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here –

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Why can’t Gov encourage blending of disciplines, medical, alternate and Chiropractic to reduce surgery, and dr?

Posted by admin on Mar 5, 2010

If the Disciplines were blended the patient would be the focus of healing rather than the current "Industry" . Fewer drugs would be prescribed and fewer surgeries would be called for.
With fewer drugs, patients would remain "healthier" in their futures.
Medical Schools should not be run by the Pharmaceutical Industry, it s too self serving and not good for people.Political question due to Health Care push
Perhaps I used the wrong word, I did hear that American Medical Schools are supported greatly by the Pharmaceutical Companies.

Is that true?

The bottom line is that MOST patients do not want to do what it takes to remain healthy. They want to eat too much, exercise too little, smoke, drink and so on. Then, when things go wrong, they want a magic pill to fix everything.

We, as physicians, can counsel patients to have healthy lifestyles and prevent an awful lot of morbidity, but it falls on deaf ears.

Medical schools are NOT run by the pharmaceutical industry, btw. At least not in the US. I can’t speak for other countries.

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Risks? 7 year old beagle with multiple mammary tumors.?

Posted by admin on Mar 2, 2010

I have a beagle with several mammary tumors. There are three firm masses, and several "fleshy" masses. She will be 8 in August.

I lost MY job the day after we got my little gal, it took a long time to get more financially stable. For this reason, she was not spayed until the age of five. Anything you want to say, I already know, and have to live with these facts every day. It doesn’t help that our vet at the time pushed spaying primarily as having to do with an over-population issue. She was an apartment dog for several years, and always leashed… hence…

When we moved to the suburbs, we got a new vet, and three months later she was spayed. I had no idea of the increased health risks. I know it’s no excuse, but can’t change things.

Of course, back to square one, and my husband is on the cusp of losing his job. He’s working every other week. I have been a stay at home mom for two years, and am also currently seeking employment. We are on the brink of losing our home.

My dog means the world to me, but paying $1000-$1200 for surgery (plus additional for X-Rays, ec) at this point is unrealistic. With help from my mom, the vet holding personal checks, and some $ on the Care Credit I have left… and we’d be able to eek it out. Of course, should my husband completely lose his job before he or I find alternate employment… those checks would be our food cash.

Our other option is to wait and see if it grows, etc. Obviously not favorable for many reasons. I don’t want it to spread should it be malignant. OTOH, given our current financial state, should it be benign, that’s an awful lot of money… She is in otherwise good health. Weight is good, plays, etc. Fine needle aspirate was, naturally, inconclusive yesterday at the vet’s office. :(

I know, long story very long, but I guess I would like to know, from those of you who may have been there, done that… should this be cancer, how long do we have? With treatment, without. We left the vet’s office yesterday afternoon with the decision to think long and hard, and it’s the one question I forgot to ask. Are we looking at a true, potential cure with removal? All the reports I am reading make me think otherwise (50-75% of dogs will not make it to 2 years, regardless of treatment). I guess I’d like real life info, rather than a research study, to maybe help get me through the weekend.

Please don’t be too judgemental. My dog gets cared for well. She’s one of the few normal weight beagles I know. She gets routine vet care. We’ve treated over $4,000 in emergencies in her life… there’s just nothing there right now.

Thanks so much, horsingaround. It gives us some hope. We’ve even considered trying to rehome her… but… I don’t know. I never imagined that happening, and am usually adamantly against it.

I will of course be calling our vet on Monday about the long term questions, and also plan to check out the local vet school, to see if there’s somehow we can get her help.
Thanks, lionness. It’s great to have your feedback. I guess I never looked at it from that particular angle.

My dog got into children’s tylenol a few years ago (in a box, in a grocery bag, on my kitchen table… if you can believe it, while I was trying to get my daughter back to bed), we treated her, she ate glass Christmas ornaments right off the tree, again, treated, no question. Her spay cost us nearly $1000, due to her nearly bleeding out. Every time we’ve paid, no question. This time… it’s different. And of course, we’re much different financially.
Thank you Jennifer!!

Never been in your situation, but I carefully reviewed everything. The x-rays that the first poster said sounded good, although it may not show if tiny cells have spread. I think you should wait until you are financially stable before you get the surgery. Like you said, that is potential food for the family. Even if you went in and got the tumors removed, doesn’t mean it hasn’t spread already. Seriously, you’re looking at removal of the tumors AND possible chemo. (We lost a dog because she caught something due to her immune system being shut down by chemo. If we had avoided chemo, she may have lived for a few more months if not a whole year.)

At this point, make sure the dog stays comfortable. If it does spread, when it is time… you know what to do.

No matter what happens, don’t ever blame yourself about the money. Cancer doesn’t know money. The richest person in the world could get cancer, get the best treatments available, and still die within a year of diagnosis.

Also, hey, could be the tumors are benign. They may get larger, but the dog lives a healthy life. (Just keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t develop ulcers from rubbing against other parts of the dog or even from rubbing on the floor.)

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please rate my essay.?

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2010

Everyone has different kinds of favorite drinks. Some don’t care much of drinking or living a healthy life. On the other hand others stay alert for how many calories or sugars a drink contains. For example, Tea and Coffee seem to be the number one choice of drink. But have you ever thought of which is healthier?
First of all, both Coffee and Tea help you warm up and stay awake. But thinking about the risks of drinking coffee, can be very serious. Even though it helps you stay awake all day, by drinking it regularly can lead to cancer and other health problems. Also differing from Tea, many of the chemicals in Coffee and decaf irritate the stomach lining and causing an increase of stomach acid, leading to digestive disorders.
Secondly, Tea is also a major effect to your body, but in a positive way. One way Tea is a better alternate drink to choose from is because it has been shown to offer substantial benefits, in such diverse areas as cancer preventing, anti-aging, and weight loss. Another fact why Tea is a wiser choice, because unlike Coffee, Tea helps our brain to focus very effectively, by gently raising our level of awareness and perception.
Lastly, Tea and Coffee can both bring positive results in its own ways. Both Tea and Coffee are drinks that are recommended to stay on focus, and are drinks that can be drank in the mornings to keep you going through the rest of the day. Coffee and Tea are also both very addictive and effective.
Overall, even though Coffee and Tea seem to be very much alike, they are also very different .First, because Coffee may lead to cancer, but Tea cures it. Secondly, Tea helps you live a full and happier life, but Coffee is more likely to shorten your life by being accused of heart disease or cancer.

I liked your essay. I assume it is not for a very high grade. It is okay if this is a beginner essay assignment. Essays are really simple. Seems like you got the point across. Look at your ideas it seems like some of the things you said can be structured more effectively. In your conclusion you should end it by saying how tea and the way it promotes positive affects in ones health is the reason why it is more healthy than coffee. You should reposition that ending and put it in the beginning and then go on to give your examples.

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Should I go for this? (CNA + High school?) This is a long-looking one, but I’d appreciate any input.?

Posted by admin on Feb 24, 2010

First off, let me say that, aside from a couple of electives and 2 (each) English/Global credits, I’m pretty much done with my Advanced Regents Diploma credits (I took honors courses starting in Middle school, so I’m, for the most part, a year ahead.) I would like to pursue a career in health care, most likely and RN (In Hospice, perhaps?)

As a junior and senior (I’m a sophomore, planning my schedule right now.), I can take a half-school-day (4 of 8 periods) class (BOCES Vo-Tech, if you’re familiar with it.) that will end in me getting a (free!) Nurse Assisting Certification (therefore, depending upon what my not-really-considered,-to-be-honest college life looks like, a pretty decent job), lots of science/English credits, and, from what I’ve been told, something that looks really good on College apps. (Plus, it would give me two years to figure out if this is even the kind of work I want to do, and no commitment if I want to leave after a semester.)

This would be in addition to my AR diploma (I’d do regular classes for the other half of the day, obviously.)

My only dilemma is whether it would be a better move to just load up on regular classes. Here are my courses for next year (Keep in mind that I have another year after this, that’s even more open… I’ll only HAVE TO take 1 class as a senior, so anything I don’t take next year, I can do as a Senior.), according to my (rather unhelpful, actually) guidance counselor (classes I’ll definitely be taking, regardless, have an asterisk by them):
-Honors English*
-US History*
-Gym/Human Anatomy* (Alternating – every other day.)
-Forensics (I don’t know. She just plopped me in there. I hear it’s an easy A, though…)
-College Alg. (Def. Taking this one at some point in the next 2 years.)
-Piano (I’m currently in the beginner class and love it.)

The vo-tech classes through high school are wonderful.. I say go for it!
I took Licensed Practical Nursing my senior year of high school, and finished it the following year. I am now a nurse at the age of 19, and have been for close to 8 months.
I’m working on classes to become an RN, am working in a hospital (mother-baby floor), and absolutely love what I do. I only had to pay a total of $6,000 including tuition, books, uniforms, etc (which is far cheaper than the $25,000) course offered at other places (which you can’t even start until after you graduate high school).
I don’t regret my decision at all, and I applaud you for thinking about beginning your healthcare career so early (and trust me, we need more nursing assistants).
Good luck with everything!

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Why doesn’t the government invest more money into NASA?

Posted by admin on Feb 21, 2010

We’re talking about food shortages, job shortages, and energy shortages. We’re talking about a problem with the national deficiate. My question is why doesn’t the government invest more into the innovations juggernaut we call NASA?

How many jobs were created when the computer was made more practical? Countless. Without NASA, the computer would just be this huge room sized thing that could only do basic math. What about the invention of plastics? I mean no organization in the world has made more patinents then NASA. It’s also where we’ll probably develop alternate fuel sources, plus we could mine the resources on the moon, preserving our own enviroment. There’s nothing living to destroy up there.

On a financial level, for every dollar we put into NASA we get about 4 back. We’re always talking about having to export more. But since technology is I believe our lead export, shouldn’t we do things that could potentially up the amount of technology we export?

Okay, so I know this won’t solve every single problem in the world. The high cost of health care, world hunger, and political tyrants will still run amuck. And it will take time for us to see results of our investment. But seriously, it will solve quite a few of them I think.

So what I’m trying to figure is why don’t we? What’s the counter arguement against investing more into NASA?
Well, the way I see it, even if NASA just puts out contracts to private companies to invent, it still gives private companies an incentive to invent, develop and improve.

And I hate that whole, "Yeah I like Tang too, but seriously I don’t think it’s worth our money." Well I bet you like your cell phone too. How about that computer you’re writing your crap on?
A lot of people are talking about fixing unemployment first, so I’ll repeat myself. How many jobs were created with the advancement of the computer? How many jobs were created with the satellite systems?

Yeah, I’m talking about fixing unemployment just as you are. Only difference is my idea to fix those problems makes more sense, because for one I actually have one. The only thing is it will take a lot of time. But I think looking the long run isn’t a bad thing.

I think we should invest more money in scientific research across the board. The reason we don’t fund research more than we do now is because most voters are scientifically illiterate. They can’t see the value in investing in NASA.

The counterargument against funding NASA would be 1) NASA specializes in aerospace engineering so it can’t help across the board, 2) Private enterprises can innovate better than gov’t agencies, so reduce gov’t spending and let private industry do the investing.

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Do you agree with this class credit requirement for a high school diploma?

Posted by admin on Feb 18, 2010

Hello, my name is Evan Ritter, I’m 16 and I go to Red Land High School in the West Shore School District in South – Central Pennsylvania. In order to graduate high school and get your diploma, you must have three gym credits. In your freshman year, you take a semester of Gym/Health. They alternate every other day. In ninth grade health, you learn about weight management, nutrition, drugs, and a pregnancy/STD’s unit. Once in a while, you skip health days for certain things in gym. In ninth grade gym, your performance is key. You get changed into your gym clothes right when you get to the locker room (the uniform costs about $27 with no monetary assistance, if you don’t have it, you get docked ten points each day), and you line up in the gym. After attendance is marked, you run around the gym for five minutes (which is not air conditioned, that’s left for the computer rooms), if you stop to take more than one break, or walk, your warm-ups don’t count. After the warm-up run, you line up in order and do various exercises including many push-ups crunches, arm exercises and bends. After your warm-ups are completed, you play different sports. These include basketball, baseball, soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, football, and sometimes dodgeball, bombardment, freeze tag, and other childish games. Twice a year, once in the beginning and end of the semester, you do a fitness test. You have to complete a 15 minute run around a quarter mile track field (you have to run around it four times to make a mile, obviously, to get a 70 which is one point above failing), you must also complete a 300 yard shuttle run, which is scaling 75 feet twelve times, running to a cone and turning around (You must complete it in one minute to get a 70, one point about failing), a one minute push-ups test, you must do 30 push-ups in one minute to get a 70, one point above failing, there’s a one minute pull ups test you have to do ten to get a 70, one point above failing, a one-minute crunch test in which you must do 30 in one minute to get a 70, one point above failing, and a sit-ups test in which you must complete 35 to get a 70, one point above failing. Some students have asthma, some are overweight, and some are just slow at stuff. I am overweight with asthma. I’ve failed the last two years of gym for not performing efficiently enough in the fitness tests, and not wearing a uniform due to the price. My family is below the poverty line and it’s hard to manage with this kind of thing. I did fine in health, did my homework, completed classwork and projects, but the gym an health grades are averaged out together. I believe gym should not be mandatory to graduate. I see no educational value to it, I find it embarrassing for some kids, and very tiring and just unneccessary. I’ve encountered some students on the verge of suicide from feeling outcasted and exploited while other students watch and laugh as we take the tests, one student at a time. I think the health class should be a semester long class instead of every other day with gym. You can be an expert at health, but not be able to run fast and fail the class (literally). I think the gym classes should be offered, but not automatically part of your schedule. The fitness test continue for two more years with added other sports.

There are also classes that aren’t mandatory called child development (learning about the child from conception to toddler ages, including food, care, health, and other important topics), only offered to ninth graders, early child psychology only offered to tenth graders, and child psychology, only offered to eleventh graders. I did not get to take child development in my freshman year. There are around 60 students in our school at any given time that have children or are expecting. I think this class should be very important and mandatory, perhaps in place of gym? Maybe it should be shared with health. If all three won’t be needed to graduate, I think at least, the first, freshman class should.

Does anyone else agree with what I’ve said here, and do you think it would be wise to push further with this, perhaps to change the class credit requirement for a gym class? If so, what should I do next (this Yahoo! Answers post was my first step)?

Evan Ritter

I hated gym too, but nothing you have suggested is particularly unusual, and you have to meet certain standards in your academic classes too, even if you are not naturally academically inclined.
As to the uniform, I’m willing to bet that you have other clothes which cost you more than $27. It is a matter of choice if you decided not to buy the uniform and get docked instead. Sorry, but I’m not terribly sympathetic.

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Child custody issues at 18.?

Posted by admin on Feb 15, 2010

I gave birth to a premature baby boy almost 4 months ago. I wasen’t sure about the paternity between an ex boy friend, and another guy. For her own benifit, one of the potential fathers mother did an "online paternity test" which isn’t leagally binding. Since she got the results back and her son was found to be the father, possibly, she is taking over everything. we have had issues in the past because SHE is extremly pushy & bullys me. I finally stuck up for me and my son and told her that for his health she needs to lay off a little and not take him over night every weekend until the court orders it (which is what i was advised to do by my social worker). I just received a summons today from her son ( but she made him do it) & they are going for part time physical and legal custody, share in transportation, change his name to his last name, visitation every other weekend friday until sunday & every wed through thursday, alternate parent time on holidays,& to be granted care if i am gone for longer than 3 hours. I am still in high school so that would be every day except weekends plus the weekends he would get him. should i worry, or do you think he’s going to get even half of these reqhests? also, im a single mother & can’t afford an expensive attourney like his mom has for him.
also, i asked them to not take him to church because it’s RSV season and his doc. advised not being around a lot of people, but she took him anyway without me knowing. she also lied and wrote that i agreed to change his last name, which i never did, and she made arrangments to baptise him at her church without my knowledge, and stated that i "will not allow this to happen."

With infants, most non-custodial parents do not even get overnight visitation much less the entire weekend. The judge will see through the grandmother, her personality will come out in court. He will also realize the grandmother will be raising your child and not so much the father. Judges like to give custody to mothers and fathers, not grandparents, generally. My personal belief, infants do not belong at church, period. He will just be with babysitters while they are in service, who are often random churchgoers, without experience dealing with a baby who may be more at risk for health problems. This was pretty selfish of her, probably just wanted to show him off to her friends, disregarding his health. Hire a lawyer you can afford.

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When did the NHS stop caring about people and started caring about cash?

Posted by admin on Feb 12, 2010

How can "CARE" be a target when value for money is the only measurable target the government want? (An alternate to the question above is ‘Are accountants running the health service’?)
I work in the NHS. I am sad to see the comments below. Yes I use the NHS as well and it is a great relief to know it is there to help. But I work in an area that has no measurable outcome (for the accountants) ‘quality care and peaceful death’ is not a measurable outcome. Therefore the staff are seen as a resource, we are moved elsewhere and our standards slip. All to do with the managers, accountants and targets.

Since the position of Matron was abolished, coupled with the market forces initiated by Maggie.
There are too many "managers" on productivity bonuses and inflated salaries that have taken the money from the sharp end to the boardroom.

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