Looking for a holistic dr. in Rochester, NY specializing in more natural medicine and not all pills.?

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2009

Looking for a good doctor in Rochester, NY that uses more herbal remedies and natural things. I’m sick of doctors pushing pills. Anyone know a good one?

Have you tryed yahoo search or the white pages to find your answer……ROB

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Im starting a health/nutrition/exercise/weightloss website. What would you want to see on a site like this?

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2009

I am starting a health/diet/nutrition/weight loss/exercise/etc website, because obesity is a growing problem in America and I want to help. I am a Biology major at Boston College and understand some of the biological aspects of nutrition and gaining fat. I have some ideas of what to put on the site, but if you were going to a website like this to try and lose weight/get in shape, what would you want? What would you want information on? Weight loss plans? Nutritional label reading guide? Incentives for losing weight? More information on metabolism and fat? Consequences of eating unhealthy food? Please give me any ideas that you have, and let me know if you think this would be a successful website.

Free diet profile.Calorie listings. Being able to track your weight loss progress. Where your weigh is at as oppose to where you want it to be at. What you should weigh, not just by your height but by your build as well. Most sites are not realistic when it comes to that they assume how much people should weigh just by their height. Someone who has a large build and is 5’9 shouldn’t weigh as little as a person with a small build who is 5’9 and vis versa. It should be based on height and body build as well as muscle mass. That would be the main thing I’d like to do especially as an improvement to sites like thats.

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can you get hiv from a pin prick?

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2009

I went for a rapid HIV test where a lancet is used to draw blood.

The nurse seemed homophobic, and when i said that i had a high risk situation in the past she immediately went and got the test package before finishing the questions. Then started asking me things like "so you just feel you don’t need to use condoms" "safe sex isn’t part of your routine" and things like that, which made me very uneasy.
she produced a sterile lancet, went across the room, opened a cupboard, and came back and administered the test with an alternate lancet.. i know because the one she first brought out was still sitting on the table.

my test was negative and as i was leaving she said "i hope you will learn your lesson from this". of course that could have been in regards to the stress of the actual test.. but it felt like an attack

i began feeling ARS symptoms 3 weeks after the test, and called the clinic to ask someone about what happened.. the nurse claims she never even opened a cupboard in my presence and had everything she needed right beside me.. which i swear to anyone reading is not the truth.

My question is, how long can HIV last on a needle head/how much blood is needed to infect you?

it would have been directly entered into my blood from the finger prick.

i would think i was just being paranoid if the nurse hadn’t denied taking the lancet(finger prick) out of the cupboard.. please any health care professionals offer your input! also what are the odds she would do this on purpose?

also the reason i’m so scared is because it was an anonymous test, and i recieved no tracking number…

Once outside the body, HIV only lives for a few minutes. But needles should NEVER be reused.

The nurse’s behavior was completely unprofessional. Her statements were also unprofessional. Discussion of risk factors, risky behaviors, and risk reduction are very important, and must be done, but I believe she treated you inappropriately. I would report your experience to your local Health Department. (Also, if the test was anonymous, you would HAVE to be given an identification number.) Talk to someone at your local Health Department or Planned Parenthood about being tested appropriately.

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How much of a change in dialation can I expect if my doc stretched my cervix on Tuesday?

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2009

I am 38 weeks today and my bloodpressure is elevated. My doc wants me to hopefully go into labor before my bloodpressure gets any worse and we have to medically induce!

Any natural remedies that you know of that work? Serious answers only . . . remember, it’s not that I’m tired of being pregnant, but my health may be in danger due to my bloodpressure!

Thanks in advance!

You may or may not dilate due to the "stretching". It was mildly effective with #1 for me (I think I gained 1cm 5 days, but did not progress beyond that), and not at all with #2. And who’s to say with #1 whether it was just nature or the doc… I don’t know.

Try drinking castor oil. Some say this helps. I was always too scared to. Have sex. Something in semen can bring on contractions. Walk. A LOT.

I just found a site too:


I haven’t read it but at first glance it seems good – it is Dr. Spock after all.

And my BP was high with #1, and it didn’t skyrocket for three weeks (until AFTER I gave birth, imagine that), so there is hope, so I wouldn’t totally panic or anything. I am sure your OB told you what to watch for (rapid onset swelling or weight gain, pain in the upper right side of your abdomen, extreme headache that won’t go away, vision trouble) in the event your BP starts to reach the "uh-oh" zone.

Also, know your doc wouldn’t have sent you home if he was really worried at this point. Usually with Pre-E, you would spill protein into your urine also, and I know they usually do a dip at every visit.

Good luck! I know from experience inductions are no fun. :(

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Does anyone know a decent Herbal remedies website?

Posted by admin on Nov 26, 2009

I’m into herbal medicines and natural alternatives to everything and I’d love to know a decent website with lots of recipes and such. Any one know any?

The only one I would trust:


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what is the best way to get people who seek better health and nutrition to my website?

Posted by admin on Nov 26, 2009

I’m looking for ways to advertise (cheaply). I have a nutritional products that everyone wants and need but how do I get them to check out what I have to offer. I also want to donate 15% of my profit towards an organization, how do I go about promoting that?

Look into some of the resources on guerilla marketing. The traditional avenues are expensive, but if your’e willing to be a little wierd, there’s all kinds of ways to get cheap/free advertising.

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If anti-depressants help people, why have suicides dramatically gone up in the last 20 years?

Posted by admin on Nov 26, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen people dramatically helped by these medicines, including in my direct family.
But you would expect to see a significant drop in suicides which are almost always caused by severe clinical depression.
Maybe it’s once again that people believe that health (and happiness) are to be found in a bottle of pills?
Makes me believe in Alternate Care even more!
Here is a link to the article.


A HUGE number of people now take anti-depressants – while not are people are you would expect those taking it would reduce suicides overall.
However, maybe it’s just the drug culture that thinks everything in the medicine chest with a Doctors name on it must be OK.
Use of drugs like oxycontin and other strong pain pills are well known for causing depressive spirals, and I think that accounts for the rise.

Thats a good question.
While Antidepresants can be life saving there is no doubt that they are over prescribed.
Even where indicated, anti-depressants alone are probably not enough.
Being multifactorial in thinking, life style choices are also very helpful in helping lift depression also so is the individual themselves.
I have noticed depression seems to have very little to do with circumstances. People who have the most difficult trials in life seem to just get on with it and be as happy as larry when they have a positive mental attitude.
Other people who appear to have everything are desperately unhappy and want to kill themselves. Is the way of thinking a big factor here?

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8 yr old Doberman in good health with good diet. All natural canned daily passing out within last 30 days?

Posted by admin on Nov 26, 2009

2 episodes in last thirty days simply losing consciousness briefly. now today he has had this happen 6 times, 2 of which he lost bladder control. no convulsions that I can tell only momentarily ( under 2 minutes) completely losing consciousness. 4 times while getting excited. two times while perfectly relaxed and no excitement at all. Please try to help we love this dog so much.we are going to the vet first thing in the morning 7AM but we are so worried we want to try to have some idea what to expect when the results from tests arrive, and what to do to trhy to help this stop tonight . we are afraid to go to sleep!! he also is obviously not feeling well off and on and is shak like nervous shaky .
sorry the system wouldn’t let me put uner pets it kept making me take there suggestion of health and fitness to post it
If this first person that answered read the whole posting they would have realized I SAID SORRY I KNOW THIS IS THE WRONG SECTION THE SYSTEM BOOTS ME BACK TO THIS WHEN I TRY TO POST IT IN THE PROPER SECTION Please do not comment if you have know friendly advise

my thought on this is Cardio myopathy, a huge problem in dobermans, the heart enlarges until it gives out. Your dobe could be having little episodes, I would have the vet send you to a cardio speciallist.
too many pet owners have no idea of this problem, but as a breeder I am all too aware of it. and have all of my own dogs enrolled in a heart study, where they are ultrasounded every year.

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Oak Creek Ranch School Experts Offer 12 Tips for Helping Teens Succeed … -…

Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2009

via add/adhd – Google News on 11/11/09

Oak Creek Ranch School Experts Offer 12 Tips for Helping Teens Succeed
PR.com (press release)
Founded in 1972, the Arizona boarding school specializes in helping ADD/ADHD, under-motivated and underachieving teens succeed through an innovative mix of

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what natural herbal remedies can be used for menapausal cancer patient?

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2009

the menapause was brought on by the cancer,is there a safe herbal treatment normal medicines cannot be used due to post cancer?

I would recommend you go to see a homeopathic doctor who can give you some specific remedies tailored to the person. A good one that I know of is Sepia 30CH…but you should see a homeopath. Homeopathic remedies are the SAFEST medicines in the whole world. They do not interact with any medications or treatments and cause absolutely no side effects. They work 100% of the time if the remedy matches the symptom. Try them out! Its the only 100% safe alternative. Some herbs you can use are black cohosh, sage extract, Evening Primrose oil or Dong Quai…but if the person is on medications, then I wouldnt use herbs. The evening primrose might be ok because its a oil from a flower. Alot of menopause symptoms show themselves because our livers are so overtaxed that they cant filter our hormones properly. A simple safe way to help out your liver is to take the juice of an organic lemon in a cup of warm water every morning as a little mini safe liver cleanser. That can help a bit too. But please seek out a natural practitioner, you can ask your local health food store because they normally have a list of names of good ones that they come accorss. Good luck!

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